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How do I say “I miss you” in every language?

Also, I’m possibly meeting up with my ex on Thursday for the first time since ~The Breakup~ and I’m not even nervous, which is weird. I’m so much happier without him, even though I do miss him. What I don’t miss is how being in a relationship with him made me feel. I’m honestly enjoying being single so much and am excited to play the field a little again (but not too much) and do things on my terms.

Not sure how I’ll feel once I get closer to Thursday, but we agreed to play it by ear so I can back out last-minute if I need to.

Dude I have a date with is already trying to get in my pants, asking me to have a bottle of wine with him on his roof.

LOL if he thinks I’m putting out on the first date, I don’t trust any men anymore.